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memorial church in san francisco. >> i have themes of liberation in what i do. first of all, i need liberating - i need deliverance - and so therefore, i'm constantly being a part of an act of deliverance. i have to change; i can't just think i got it and then settle in, and that's it. i have to say to myself, and to others, "look, i need to really do something with my life." and i can't just go every day not looking at myself. and also that has to do with my brothers and sisters. i have to look at how i am relating to them, how i live my life with them, and it has to be open, and it has to be with joy and gratitude. and life is more than just being serious all the time; it's also being happy and joyous, and it means that what we must do with each other is try to find those things that will not diminish us with each other, but will expand our lives with each other. and so that's the crux of what i'm about, is to try to make sure that everybody - everybody has a table to come to, and a home to go to. this is the home. this is our home, and this home is for everybody. i just talked to
with the san francisco giants. he also scored for venezuela, but the result is of little consequence. that is the sport. thank you for watching. >> thank you. that is it for me. stay with us here on al jazeera. a full look at news is straight ahead. thank you for watching al jazeera.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2